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60 committed LIOF colleagues help your company grow with advice, a solid network and financing, to strive for a smarter, more durable and healthy Limburg.


We financially assist entrepreneurs in Limburg at every stage of their development with our grants, loans, and participations.

Grants for different phases and objectives 

There are numerous grant schemes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Examples include grants for looking into the feasibility of ideas. But there are also grants to support innovative developments, to strengthen your competitive position or the cooperation between the business community, knowledge institutions, and government institutes. The most important thing is to find the grant that meets your needs.

Grants for an idea, innovation, or to strengthen your competitive position

LIOF has several grants of its own.

One of them is for grants for looking into the feasibility of ideas. But we also have grants to support innovative developments or to strengthen your competitive position. They are available within one of LIOF's three focus sectors, Agri-food, industry, and logistics.

Grants for innovative Dutch SMEs

Advice on other grants

We can also advise you on other grants. Examples include the grant scheme SME Innovation promotion Top Sectors Southern Netherlands (MIT Zuid). MIT Zuid is intended for projects that contribute to strengthening the innovative strength of SMEs. MIT Zuid is financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces of Limburg, Noord-Brabant, and Zeeland. Stimulus carries out the programme management. LIOF has an advisory and guiding role. 
The Operational Programme Southern Netherlands 2014-2020 (OPZuid) is a European grant programme for the provinces of Zeeland, Limburg, and Noord-Brabant. The focus is on promoting innovation and the transition to a low-carbon economy. The programme is aimed in particular at innovative SMEs and at strengthening cooperation between businesses, knowledge institutions, and public authorities.

European grants for innovative SMEs

Partner in European grant programmes

LIOF also works closely with partners within the European grant programmes Interreg and HYPEREGIO. These programmes are aimed at improving your innovative strength as an individual entrepreneur, but also at structurally strengthening initiatives within the logistics, industry, and agri-food sectors.

More information on european grants

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