LIOF is the regional development company of the Province of Limburg

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60 committed LIOF colleagues help your company grow with advice, a solid network and financing, to strive for a smarter, more durable and healthy Limburg.

Who are we

LIOF is the regional development agency of the Province of Limburg. We are responsible for strengthening the economic structure and, accordingly, Limburg's growth. As well as LIOF, eight other regional development companies operate in the Netherlands: in Groningen, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Holland, Flevoland and Zuid-Holland.

Advice, networking, and financing

LIOF is there for every SME in Limburg with an innovative idea, a business plan or a financing requirement. LIOF also supports businesses wanting to establish themselves in Limburg. We help entrepreneurs of all sizes to innovate, collaborate and invest. LIOF provides advice, a deep-rooted network and funding for companies with aspirations. We know all the trends and innovations. And we can jointly invest with our funds.


If the region grows, so does everyone in it

We help Limburg's SMEs grow from start to finish and beyond. By supporting SMEs we stimulate growth in the entire region. If the region grows, so does everyone in it. For LIOF growth is not just about sales and profits but also about greater competitiveness - to offer advantages and generate social returns. LIOF’s work in the region is made tangible by creating jobs in Limburg, providing relevant products and services in and for Limburg.

LIOF is ready for enterprising Limburg

LIOF offers tailor-made solutions. Each company has its own development and related requirements. One has a new idea, the second wants to expand, the third is looking for a location, the fourth is on the verge of a management buyout, and so on. There are often several issues at the same time that LIOF can help you with. And if we can’t help you, we will be happy to put you in touch with someone who can.

How are we organized?

NV LIOF is a public limited company under private law. Its shareholders are State of the Netherlands (the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate) and the Province of Limburg. The shareholders each hold 50% of the shares and take decisions on an equal footing. 
LIOF operates independently and on a not-for-profit basis. Our services are free of charge. All this makes us a unique and solid partner

Want to know more?

Our Supervisory Board monitors the general order of business at LIOF. Its members are:

  • Hans Jennissen
  • San Croonenberg
  • Vacancy


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