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LIOF deploys on four transitions

The world is changing rapidly. We are all facing major social challenges: creating a society that is smarter, more sustainable and healthier. To this end, LIOF is focusing on four transitions: energy, circularity, health and digitalization. Together with entrepreneurs in Limburg we are looking at how we can combine economic returns with social impact within these transitions. 


The transitions in a row

On this page, we briefly explain the transitions. 

Around each transition, we at LIOF have formed a special team that will work with you to help your company move forward. Go to our contact page and select the transition you are interested in. Then the team that can help you will automatically appear.



Sustainable and efficient energy systems

What is the energy transition?
In essence, the energy transition is the transition from the use of fossil energy (coal, oil and gas) to energy from renewable sources (solar, wind and water). The energy transition is necessary to slow down climate change so that the negative impact on the earth can be limited.

How does LIOF contribute?
Enabling optimal deployment of sustainable and efficient energy systems towards green business processes. How do we do that:

  • Energy efficiency: creating insight and spurring entrepreneurs into action
  • Mobility: green and sustainable transport
  • Renewable energy: hydrogen as an alternative energy source
  • LIOF's exemplary role: impactful financing and support.



Circular business and economic returns go hand in hand

What is circularity?
Circularity goes beyond recycling or reuse. In an ideal circular economy, waste does not exist but waste (residual streams) form a raw material for new products. This requires adjustments to product design and process design, but certainly also changes in regular business models and thus revenue models.

How does LIOF contribute?
Creating a business climate where circular entrepreneurship and economic return go hand in hand. How do we do that:

  • Deploy where potential for resource reduction is greatest
  • Enable financing for circular entrepreneurs
  • Deploy our instruments for innovation with impact 
  • Encourage circular business practices.



Healthcare innovations that contribute to a healthier Limburg.

Why a health transition?
We are all getting older. Healthcare demand and healthcare costs are increasing but this problem cannot be solved with more money. We will all have to live differently. It is time that we ourselves take responsibility and organize our care system differently. The health transition is therefore aimed at preventing care through prevention, shifting care where possible and replacing care with demand-driven innovations.

How does LIOF contribute?
LIOF takes a proactive role in the Limburg ecosystem where health innovations contribute to the health transition. We do this in the following ways:

  • Bring SME innovations to market faster
  • Develop innovations in the field of prevention
  • Implement health transition within LIOF.



Key technology for all transitions

What is digitalization? 
Digitalization contributes to solutions to societal challenges. In this sense, digitalization is  a kind of overarching driver, a connector and accelerator of the other transitions.

How does LIOF contribute?
LIOF contributes to connecting and accelerating digitalization of Limburg SMEs in a rapidly changing technological era. We do this in the following way:

  • Digital Innovation - Investing and Stimulating
  • Digitalizing SMEs - Inspiring and Developing
  • Digital Network - Connecting and Accelerating
  • LIOF Digital - Optimizing and Automating.


How can LIOF help you?

with targeted efforts within the four transitions

We help you from all four transitions with our own set of tools:

Innoveren: with two programs

  • The LimburgTourism program, especially for entrepreneurs in the tourism & recreation sector
  • The LimburgToekomstbestendig program, aimed at among entrepreneurs from other sectors
    For more information, visit:

Investing: with two funds

  • The Limburg Startup Capital Fund, a fund with two financial instruments for the development of innovations from idea to market.
  • The Participation Fund, a fund for innovative SMEs looking to grow or thinking about an acquisition, business succession or turnaround
    For more information, visit:

Internationalizing: with two focus teams

  • The International Trade Development (ITD) team, especially for Limburg entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on economic opportunities abroad.
  • The Foreign Investment Development (FID) team, aimed at entrepreneurs from abroad who are considering a location in Limburg. For these entrepreneurs, we have a special English-language website: 
    For more information, visit:



Your one-stop shop for the four transitions

shiftLimburg is an interactive community platform where entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and network partners inspire each other to innovate together. Towards a sustainable society. LIOF and the Province are initiators.

On this platform you will find recent information within the transitions energy, circularity, health and digitalization about schemes, programs and events of partners as well as other organizations active within these transitions.


Go to the platform

Circular Economy Limburg

Creating awareness

In Circular Economy Limburg (CEL), eight partners join forces to stimulate and strengthen the transition to circular entrepreneurship among Limburg SMEs. To this end, they have developed an awareness program that they are actively rolling out among Limburg entrepreneurs starting this spring. The core of this program is to increase the urgency among SMEs and to offer concrete support for more sustainable business practices.

Circular Economy Limburg (CEL) is an initiative of: Province of Limburg | LWV | Zuyd Hogeschool | Lectoraat Innovatief Ondernemen | LIOF | LLTB | Crossroads | ESZL | Keyport

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