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Know Your Customer

LIOF offers  entrepreneurs financial support for innovation and development. As a financial institution, LIOF is obliged to follow KYC (Know Your Customer) legislation.

LIOF and KYC legislation

KYC legislation originated from the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Wwft) and aims to protect the integrity of the financial system. 

Under KYC laws and regulations, it is important to know who exactly is the "receiving party" of the financing. For example, the laws and regulations require identification and verification of the customer. In addition, it is mandatory (for entities) to identify the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO), the politically exposed persons (PEP) and any high-risk countries and/or sectors.

What this implies for you

The mandatory implementation of KYC laws and regulations means that we ask (new) relations to participate in a survey. The survey consists of an online questionnaire. The information resulting from this survey will be treated confidentially and stored in secure environments. Should you have any questions about the processing of your information, please contact LIOF's Data Protection Officer (via

BlueMonks conducts the research for LIOF

To comply with this in a careful and unambiguous way, LIOF has outsourced the execution of the survey to BlueMonks. BlueMonks takes care of this work on behalf of LIOF and may be able to contact you as a client to collect the right data to take care of the onboarding. 
If you want to know more about BlueMonks, please visit


If BlueMonks has questions on behalf of LIOF, you will receive an email from This may include additional questions and required documentation. Should you have any questions about this, please contact your contact person at LIOF. 


If you have specific questions around onboarding or KYC, please contact or by phone at 043-2400014.


Please note! Always contact your contact person at LIOF if you do not trust it or have doubts about sharing your data. Never share user names or login details.


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