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60 committed LIOF colleagues help your company grow with advice, a solid network and financing, to strive for a smarter, more durable and healthy Limburg.

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Business development

We help convert promising ideas into fully-fledged business concepts. We do this by means of subsidies and project support, among other things. We also know the way to all useful knowledge and contacts. Internally and externally. To bring the idea that is still in your head to the market as a fully-fledged business case, we take steps together.

Innovation support

You are an entrepreneur and want to innovate. We would like to help you with that. We will map out which knowledge institutions or companies can help you realise this innovation and put you in touch with them. We have our own subsidy instruments that we can use to accelerate, support and stimulate innovative developments. But we also know the way to European subsidy possibilities, aimed at strengthening innovative strength.

Start-up support

Do you have a working prototype or strong concept and want to start a business with it? LIOF can help you with this. First of all, you need a full business plan. Together with you, our advisors will look at the feasibility of your plan and give you insight into our financial options that can support you in this phase. But we also look, together with you, at which other steps you need to take to be able to start your business.

Strengthening competitiveness

You have a business plan and are looking for ways to strengthen your competitive position. Together, we will look at the financing options that fit your situation. But our advisors will also be happy to sit down with you to assess the feasibility of your plan and look for support options. Consider, for example, a subsidy that allows you to hire external expertise to improve business processes or to find a suitable earning model.

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