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3 december 2020
Start datum: 12/3/20
Eind datum: 12/3/20

Online Event: Biocircular Economy in the Euregion

A biocircular economy focusses on the use of raw materials and other materials in a way that prevents the creation of waste. Raw materials and products form a closed cycle and are used and reused optimally. With the aid of new technology, residual flows are processed to create unique, valuable raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.


On December 3, Agropole, CLIB and LIOF are organising the second online event on Biocircular Economy in the Euregion.

Join the international community of innovative entrepreneurs and professionals, talented researchers and promising students that work towards a biocircular economy!


  • 15:30 – Start of the event
  • 15:45 – keynote: – Hans-Jürgen von Donop “Sh*t to money (S2M): From agricultural slurry and digestate to LNG, methanol and dimethylcarbonate”
  • 16:15 – Best Practises: Grassa and PaperWise
  • 16:35 – Pitches biocircular projects in the Euregion
  • 16:45 – Discussion (between presenters and audience)
  • 17:00 – End of the event.

This event is in English. You can register for this event through the green button.

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The project 'Growth and development to cross border Agropole' is executed in the context of the INTERREG program Germany-Netherlands and is co-financed by the European Union, the Ministry of Innovation, Digitization and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE NRW) and the Province of Limburg.


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