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Development of a modular robotic picking unit

One of the spearheads within SLEM's E-Fulfillment working group is the development of a modular robotic picking unit for applications in warehouses. 


The Modu-Picker, as the provisional name of the robot is, is being built at Schneider Electric. Over the past year, Fontys GreenTechLab, Concept Robotics, BlackBox Robotics and Schneider Electric have realized an initial test setup. The robot setup is composed of a collaborative robot arm, 3D vision system, and vacuum gripper. With this setup, it is possible to recognize items to be picked by bar codes, grab them and then move them from the supplied tote to the shipping box. To optimally stack items in the shipping box, an algorithm was developed that makes a recommendation. This allows for more efficient and compact packing, tetrissing. 
The Modu-Picker is not yet finished. Work is now underway on a modular gripper, for example for picking bottles or bags of delicate products. 

AGV buddy

In addition to the Modu-Picker, work has been done within E-Fulfillment on the AGV-buddy, a virtual guide that helps the warehouse employee navigate the warehouse in the most efficient way. The buddy can be used independently or mounted on the automatic order picker. The buddy is equipped with an info screen that allows the employee to call up additional information such as an image of the item.


Progress can also be reported on the so-called Heatmaps. Measurement data from both inputs at the dock stations and in the warehouses themselves are sent wirelessly to the cloud. Data with which warehouse users can steer the processes more efficiently. Both systems are equipped with a unique IoT module (LoRa) that sends the data wirelessly to the cloud. The data is used by warehouse users to make the process more efficient.

Partners thema E-fulfilment

Fontys Hogeschool Venlo Logistiek & Techniek, Blackbox Robotics, Optec Mechatronics, Concept Robotics, Schneider Electric Logistic Centre.

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