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Develop a validated Go-To-Market strategy


February 2024.


12 weeks


Startups in Agri-food Tech.


Develop a validated Go-To-Market strategy for the chosen target market.


€ 4.000

About Globaliser

When scaling a startup internationally, it can be challenging to determine which opportunities are best suited to the stage you are in. 

To accelerate the international growth of your startup, it is very important to choose the right target market. This is why we are organizing a new Globaliser in cooperation with DutchBasecamp: Globaliser Trade and Innovate Agri-food Tech. 

The Globaliser focuses on developing a validated Go-To-Market strategy for your chosen target market. In addition, you will learn from experienced experts and other entrepreneurs who have gone before you. You will have access to the internationalization tools developed by DutchBasecamp and a global network of experts.

What will you do?

  • Engage in an extensive analysis of your target market, enabling you to identify a validated beachhead market.

  • Formulate a tailored Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy specifically designed for the chosen beachhead market, while also creating a comprehensive market-entry playbook.

  • Access a global network of seasoned founders and experts who possess valuable international experience.

  • Establish a robust international roadmap that offers practical guidance for navigating the subsequent stages of your expansion journey.

Wondering if the Globaliser can contribute to your plans and challenges? Good news! Because applications are open. Read more about the upcoming Globalisers here. 

More info about Globaliser
Globaliser Trade _ Innovate Agri-food Tech.png

DutchBasecamp is the founder of the international growth program "the Globaliser". They also offer individual coaching programs by a team of more than 20 experienced coaches, master classes, demand-driven trade missions and Go- to-Market programs. 

In recent years, they have helped more than 720 startups and scale-ups from over 35 different countries expand internationally. They have organized 18 Globalisers (both online, offline and hybrid) for verticals such as agri-food tech, health tech, smart logistics, smart manufacturing, urban development, SaaS and sustainable tech. Furthermore, they have organized masterclasses on international expansion for organizations such as EIT Food, Birdhouse Accelerator and Business Metropole Ruhr, and online training sessions for trade & invest organizations to help them become better startup and scale-up advisors.

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