LIOF offers you the possibility to hire an external advisor to strengthen the competitiveness of your company

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Advice project LimburgAgrofood

LIOF offers you the possibility to hire an external advisor to strengthen the competitiveness of your company. And to review questions you might have. You can choose your own external advisor or you can ask LIOF to help you.

Strengthen your competitiveness with external advice

On this page we give you information on the conditions, how to apply for a subsidy and how you can declare the costs you make in this project.


LIOF finances 50% of the costs of an external advisor by means of a subsidy, with a maximum of € 10.000.

When does your company qualify?

The conditions

In the regulations of the advice project of LimburgAgrifood you can read all about the conditions of this subsidy. It is important to read these in advance. Do you have questions? Please contact our advisor.

Your application will be judged on:

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Reasons for the application
  • Envisaged project result
  • Anticipated impact on your company.

You can download the form through the button. Fill in the form and then send it to:

The program LimburgAgrofood has come to an end and the budgets are exhausted. This means you can no longer submit new applications.

Download application form advice project

The application data for 2020

Be sure to submit on time!

You can nog longer submit new applications!

To submit a declaration

How it is done

When the advice project is closed, you can send in a declaration.

To do so, you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Download the declaration form
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Pay attention to what documentens you should enclose 
  4. Mail your declaration form to:

We check if your declaration is complete and correct. If so, we will send you a message and pay the grant amount.

There are some documents you need to enclose:

  • A legally signed payment request
  • A declaration form with a description of the project result
  • A copy of the assignement to the external advisor
  • A copy of the invoices of the external advsior
  • A copy of the proofs of payment.

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