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60 committed LIOF colleagues help your company grow with advice, a solid network and financing, to strive for a smarter, more durable and healthy Limburg.

  • What if I could produce without residual streams?

    What if I could produce without residual streams?
  • How can I better protect my crops from more extreme weather?

    How can I better protect my crops from more extreme weather?
  • What if I could make healthcare more affordable with my innovation?

    What if I could make healthcare more affordable with my innovation?

Program Limburg­Toekomst­bestendig

LimburgToekomstbestendig is a multi-year program of LIOF focused on innovations that contribute to a more future-proof economic structure for Limburg. Innovations with economic return and social impact. That is why the social issues 'smart, sustainable and healthy' are central in this program. On this page you will find all the information about the program, the financing instruments and how we can help you with your plans.

As of July 1, 2021, we can also support SMEs in the retail sector.
More about the social tasks smart, sustainable and healthy
Who is the program for?
What does our help consist of?

This program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
The funds are made available under the ongoing OPZuid 2014-2020 program.

Smart, sustainable and healthy

What companies can we support?

With the program we help innovative startups, scale-ups and SMEs in almost all sectors. Think of industry, logistics, agri-food, construction, water companies, waste management, energy supply and retail. Or a cross-over of these sectors. As long as your innovation with a promising business case contributes to the social tasks 'smart, sustainable and healthy'. 

Are you working on innovations that have to do with smart, sustainable and/or healthy, then we would like to sit down with you. We answer your questions and together with you we look at the opportunities and possibilities for your company. 

What does our help consist of?

LIOF supports innovative entrepreneurs in Limburg with advice, network and financing. This also applies to the program LimburgToekomstbestendig. Our help consists of giving advice, looking for partners who can help you further or with whom you could collaborate. We inform and advise you about opportunities at the interface of economic return and social impact. We do this by organizing workshops, master classes and events around the themes of smart, sustainable and healthy.

Together with our partners, we are working hard to build a strong ecosystem around these three themes. You as an entrepreneur benefit from this. We are building a good infrastructure together, we use each other's knowledge and we find the right partners for you. 

Do you also need funding? Then read on below.



Looking for funding for your plan? If so, we have financing options as well. Whether your need is to test the feasibility of an idea or to develop a prototype. We offer you the right tool.

Three financing instruments

  • Focused on discovering opportunities for future-proofing business
  • Initial exploration of and direction to opportunities.
  • Contribution of 75%, maximum €7,500.

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  • Focuses on testing feasibility.
  • Contribution of 50%, maximum €7,500.

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  • Focused on developing a prototype.
  • Contribution of 35%, maximum €50,000.

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Mission Limburg is LIOF's initiative to make Limburg the most innovative, attractive and healthy province in the Netherlands. The LimburgToekomstbestendig program is one of the instruments of this mission. These ambitions are not only attractive but are also very necessary for the Limburg economy. Urgent even.

Read more about Mission Limburg here.

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