Together on the way to a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg.

Why this mission?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We all face large  societal challenges like creating a society that is smarter, more sustainable, and healthier. All this is happening in  the context of the environmental pressure on our planet, the increasing scarcity of resources and growing  influence of technology. 

LIOF  wants to take the lead in this 'Mission Limburg'. But we cannot do it alone: we need entrepreneurs and partners to make this happen. On this mission we focus on four transitions: energy, circularity, health and digitalization. Where do you stand in these transitions? Tell us what you're doing so that we can use our core instruments of advice, network and funding to take steps towards realizing social impact and economic return. Together on the road to a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg.

Four transitions are the common thread in our mission

How can we achieve this together?

Limburg offers a unique ecosysteem

Based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we chose four transitions which are relevant to Limburg and are based on the unique position of this province. For example, Limburg is the most international province of the Netherlands because it is strongly connected and intertwined with the Euregion. These connections need to be expanded upon en intensified to make the most of the opportunities. The transitions do not stop at the border. Addtionally, Limburg has a unique and innovative ecosystem which ties into strong sectors of the economy such as agri-food, chemical industry and materials and life sciences & health.

Together with LIOF

We will use our cored instruments of providing advice, networking and funding to see how we can combine economic returns with societal impact. For each transition we put together a special team which will work with you.

Dear entrepreneur,
will you join us at this mission?

We need you, and you possibly need us too!


Transitionlead Energy
Martin Schreurs
+31 6 11 62 49 97


Transitionlead Circularity
Charles Mevis
31 6 11 36 87 81


Transitionlead Health
René Kessen
+31 15 01 26 30


Transitionlead Digitalization 
Ruud Nissen
+31 6 55 23 20 45