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This company is doing all it can to make motorsports sustainable

'Alone you go far but together you go further'

Elmar Dohms, owner and founder of EMX Powertrain

LIOF helps this entrepreneur with:

Since the start in 2018, LIOF was a listening ear and sparring partner in setting up and developing the business case. They also provided the so-called Advisory Project grant to conduct a feasibility study. Recently, LIOF granted financing from the Participation Fund. In addition, LIOF supports with advice and their network.

A project of:

LIOF Participatiefonds

About EMX Powertrain

"EMX Powertrain is a manufacturer of electric motocross bikes. Furthermore, we develop high performance electric powertrains in jargon called "electric powertrains" for the offroad and road light vehicles industry, such as the road bike that you are allowed to drive with a driving license category A1 and A2. The technology is developed in such a way that it can also be applied for electrifying other light vehicles such as a quad, kart or baby carriage," Elmar explains.

LIOF and EMX Powertrain

What 'problem' are you solving?
Elmar explains, "dirt bike racing is under increasing pressure if we don't find a solution to the tightened environmental requirements, noise and emissions. Especially due to noise pollution, motocross tracks are increasingly restricted in their opening hours or even closed. For that, we need to make them more sustainable and reduce noise levels."

"In 2019, EMX Powertrain started developing an electric powertrain to be integrated into an existing Yamaha motocross chassis. The EMX Powertrain team has been working hard on the first commercial application of the EMX high-performance electric powertrain. After two years of development, the electric motocross bike 'XF30' was recently launched mainly for the European, Scandinavian and UK markets."

'EMX Powertrain ensures that both professional and recreational dirt bike racing can continue to be sustainable in the future'

Sustainable motorsport, it almost sounds contradictory
"The XF30 is an electric motocross bike with clean technology that has zero particulate emissions and low noise levels. In addition, the engine has a perfect balance of power and leverage. With a high-quality battery pack, the bike has its distinctive dirtbike-specific characteristic look and maintains its handling," Elmar says.

The team's efforts have been rewarded. EMX Powertrain has been named one of the first official electric motor manufacturers for an entirely new championship for electric dirt and off-road bikes, which has its roots in Formula E, FIM E-Xplorer World Cup (FIM stands for Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

They supply several racing teams with EMX dirt bikes, which will compete against each other. In doing so, EMX Powertrain also has the ambition to participate in this electric World Cup with its own Factory Racing Team.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome as a startup?
Elmar: "We are in a niche market so it is not immediately on the radar for sustainable mobility. As a result, getting potential partners interested takes more time and energy."

What is your dot on the horizon?
Elmar: "EMX Powertrain is looking for future strategic collaboration for long-term growth to deliver great value and benefits to the sustainable motor industry. In the energy transition of road - and offroad light vehicle mobility, there are still many possible applications for compact electric powertrains that we can develop, produce and sell with partners."

Finally, what tip do you give start-up entrepreneurs?
"You don't do a technological development of this magnitude alone, for this you need a team of partners. Look for collaboration across the board, because alone you go far but together you go further," Elmar said. For more information, visit the website of EMX Powertrain.

This testimonial is from June 2022.

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