Bred, grown, processed and transported to you by Limburg, the tastiest province in The Netherlands.

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A Mushroom

A leader in knowledge

Throughout history, Limburg always had a significant high level of knowledge when it comes to breeding and growing mushrooms. The mentality and entrepreneurial spirit of our growers has led to collaboration and innovation. Also, the location of Limburg to internal and external markets is key. With a reach of 170,000,000 people in a 500 kilometres radius.

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The vegetable packed with vitamin D!

The Netherlands #2largest exporter of fresh mushrooms 

449 mushrooms
per m2 per year
In mushroom beds mostly
above the ground

40,000,000 kilosOf fresh mushrooms per year

220,000,000 kilos of 
processed mushrooms
All harvested by machine. The Netherlands 
is the #2 exporter of preserved mushrooms 
after China

Export80% of the total production
 of mushrooms is exported

Mushrooms intended for fresh trade are 
harvested by hand to prevent damage

Can be grown completely in the dark 

Helps lower cholesterol

Rich in Vitamin D and antioxidants

The production and supply 
of mushrooms is year round

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Limburg is on
a mission

We are on a mission. To make Limburg the most innovative, attractive and healthiest province in The Netherlands. The world is changing at a rapid pace. We are all facing huge challenges. The environmental pressure on the planet, the scarcity of natural resources and the growing influence of technology. At LIOF we are taking on these challenges to improve our lives, our health and the way we do business. Focussing on four transitions; energy, circularity, health and digitization.

Mush Comb
A mushroom innovation mission

Mush Comb are on a mushroom innovation mission. They provide customers with everything for mushrooms: machinery, climate control, supplies and engineering. Customers choose Mush Comb because of their broad knowledge and creative solutions. Mush Comb are a mid-sized company with a big impact on mushroom production around the world. Some innovations include:

  • Machinery that separates compost and casings during emptying, creating new possibilities in re-use of raw materials
  • Low maintenance picking platforms for mushroom growers
  • Machinery that supports the creation of new peat-free mushroom casing soil
  • Climate systems for mycelium growth that enable new industries like leather or bacon production from mushroom mycelium

Dutch Mushroom Center
A world of mushroom possibilities

The Dutch Mushroom Center is a source of knowledge and expertise for the entire mushroom supply chain. It provides a range of educational programmes for mushroom cultivation, and is a knowledge center, conducting hands-on research programmes into mushroom growth. It makes this knowledge available as an international showcase for innovation, welcoming guests from around the world. Further, the Dutch Mushroom Center promotes the infinite and delicious gastronomical possibilities of the mushroom through cooking workshops and expositions. It's the place where people from around the globe come together to learn, network, do business and celebrate the world of mushroom possibilities.

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Almost every mushroom in the world is touched by Christiaens technology.


Head of Sales, Christiaens Group

Roland van Doremaele grew up on his parents’ mushroom farm. He completed his studies in Agricultural Engineering and has been responsible for sales in the Christiaens Group for 18 years.

“Once you’ve been infected with the mushroom virus, you can’t get rid of it,” says Roland.

The power of combined experience

Christiaens Group are a global leader in turnkey solutions for mushroom farms and composting yards. The company are located in Horst, The Netherlands, the international centre for mushroom cultivation and research.

Christiaens have been in the mushroom machinery business for 50 years. Today, they provide a unique, one-stop supplier offering, with the power of combined experience in:

  • Engineering of complete projects
  • Construction of mushroom farms and composting plants
  • Installation of air handling, climate control and odour management systems
  • Control technology for growing and composting
  • Machine design and construction for composting and cultivation

Christiaens have been ranked one of the Top 5 manufacturing companies in The Netherlands for the past three years. In 2020, they were voted “The best performing supplier” in the Agribusiness & Food Technology index by Aeternus Corporate Finance.

Green machines, global support

“We are pioneers in innovations such as picking robots,” says Roland. “These green machines bring huge efficiency gains to our customers. We offer this expertise to customers on five continents, virtually everywhere except the North and South poles! Almost every mushroom in the world is touched by Christiaens’ technology.”

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A little vitamin D bomb

Nowadays we need more vitamins than ever to keep the viruses at bay. Did you know that vitamin D boosts your immune system? Once mushrooms are exposed to sun their vitamin D intake explodes dramatically. It increases so much that just a handful exceeds your recommended daily vitamin D intake.

Source: Scelta Mushrooms
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Love mushrooms. Love life.

Jan Klerken

Founder, Scelta Mushrooms

The Klerken family have been in the mushroom industry for almost 60 years. “Ever since 1963, we’ve been all about mushrooms,“ says Jan Klerken. “They are written in our DNA.”

Jan founded Scelta in 1993. Today, Scelta are one of the major players in the mushroom business worldwide, driving innovation and supplying more than 800 partners in 80 countries. Scelta are one of the Top 5 mushroom exporters worldwide.

Love mushrooms, a super food

Scelta have six production facilities in The Netherlands, all supported from their head office with marketing, sales, research and product development services. They process a large selection of frozen, preserved, coated or extracted mushrooms as well as other vegetables. Scelta are a supplier to all the leading brands in the food industry, food service and retail.

“Every day, one billion of our mushrooms are enjoyed around the world,” says Jan. “We put smiles on faces with mushrooms: a healthy, sustainable super food. Love mushrooms. Love life.” is one of their mottos!

Putting the win in innovation

Since 2002, the “winnovation“ strategy with a focus on sustainability, health and innovation is at the core of everything at Scelta. Whether it’s forging a mutually beneficial partnership with their local and global commercial partners or stimulating change with their community partners. “Winnovation“ is part of the DNA.

As of 2020, Jan Klerken handed over the day-to-day management of Scelta Mushrooms to a Board of Directors that includes his youngest son Jules Klerken. With his eldest son Jan Jr. and a team of specialists he now focusses on development of new, sustainable and innovative fungi-based products through their business Scelta MycoFriends.

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Big fans of climate change

Fancom changes the climate in mushroom farms. The advantages? Higher production and better quality. A well-controlled climate also impacts positively on energy costs. Mushroom farmers can save on ventilation, heating and cooling, without compromising quality. Quite the opposite. Smart control systems automatically create the conditions for balanced mushroom growing in each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. Temperature, humidity, CO₂ and O₂ are automatically geared to match the progress of the growing process. Heat recovery and optimal use of outside air are standard features and a simple way to increase the efficiency of the mushroom production process. Since 1980, Fancom devised solutions for tomorrow’s mushroom growing industry, aimed at cost reduction, quality improvement and energy saving. Solutions that can benefit the farmer, consumer and society in equal measure.

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Tomorrow’s food: bred, grown, processed and distributed by Limburg.