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The Operational Programme Zuid (OPZuid) is an innovation grant intended to further promote the competitiveness of the South of the Netherlands. OPZuid focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and strengthens the cooperation between the business community and knowledge institutions. A budget of approximately €113 million is available for the period 2014-2020.

Together with you, LIOF will check whether your project is eligible for such a grant. We will then put you in touch with Stimulus, the implementing organization.

Four grant schemes

OP Zuid has three grant schemes to promote innovation and a grant scheme to promote a low-carbon economy.

OPZuid options

The schemes offered by OPZuid are aimed at:

  • Open innovation, such as promoting living labs (the 1B1 scheme)
  • A smart roll-out of new technologies in the built-up environment (regulation 1B2)
  • A better match between education and labour demand for technically trained people (the 1B3 scheme)
  • Valorization of knowledge into new products or services (the 4F scheme).

All of the schemes are explained on this page.

Opening times

Within the current OPZuid program period, there is an opening of the 4F Low-carbon economy priority till May 25th (17.00 hrs.). More information? Click here.


Strengthening Innovation System (1B1)

Promoting open innovation

Strengthening valorization capacity (1B2)

Tackling societal challenges

Human Capital System Reinforcement (1B3)

Improving the connection between education and the market.

Transition to a low-carbon economy (4F)

New forms of energy

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