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MKB Leningenfonds (SME Loan Fund)

Are you in the idea, start-up, or growth phase, and are you looking for co-financing? The MKB Leningenfonds (MKBLF) provides loans to help SMEs move forward with working capital and/or investments in fixed assets.

Am I eligible for co-financing?

You are eligible for an MKBLF loan from MKBLF if your company is in the start-up, expansion, or growth phase. It is important that the company is actually located in Limburg: i.e. that you are physically and actively present there. 

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What don't we finance?

  • Repayment of banking facilities
  • Management buy-in or buy-out
  • Company takeover
  • Restructuring
  • Companies with activities directly involved in*

* socially irresponsible/unethical/illegal activities, human trafficking, tobacco industry, production of landmines, cluster munitions & launch systems, chemical/biological/nuclear weapons in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, real estate & project development.

What can I expect?

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