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50 committed LIOF colleagues help your company grow with advice, a solid network, financing and relevant events and projects


The logistics sector in Limburg accounts for over 13% of Limburg's employment opportunities, around 60,000 people, and contributes €4.7 billion in added value. That makes the logistics sector one of the most important sectors in Limburg.
We support you in strengthening the competitive position of both your company and of Limburg as a logistics region. We do by this providing advice, innovation, and business projects and by taking business opportunities.

What can we offer you?

Our team knows the business and relevant actors in the logistics sector. We gladly share our knowledge and network with you in personal conversations but also through our network-meetings, projects and inspirational sessions. For more information, please go to our event-page or call us!
Together with you we can review and optimize your businessplan.

Futhermore we developed two instruments to help your company (SME companies in the logistic sector or SME companies with IT related logistic solutions) innovate and grow by means of a subsidy. And we help you by translate your ideas into a business plan. Our instruments are the advice project and the innovation project.

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